“This has taught me so much about myself and has allowed me to reach deep-rooted issues head on. I understand much more about myself and why I make the choices I make.”

– Mike T.

My coaching methods were specifically developed as a growth oriented treatment for high functioning individuals, couples and business associates who struggle with a generalized or specific inability to reach their maximum potential in one, several or all key areas of life. This struggle may manifest as relational problems with partners, spouses, children, friends, colleagues and customers.  As well as, obstacles and blocks in career, social development, spirituality, emotional availability, sexual and intellectual maximum functioning. 

My methods provide a deep level of transformation. I help my clients to unblock whats holding them back while providing a structure and laying groundwork for clients to literally be at their best in all life areas.


“Overall this has exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but better.”

– Pat W.

The Coaching I provide begins with the 4 full-day Intro Intensive to uncover and clean up the blocks that are holding you back and 12 to 48, fifty minutes in length sessions for additional work and advanced practice of methods learned.

Contact me at to schedule a consultation in person, by phone or on line.

Brent A. Charleton MA LMFT